How does music affect your behavior? – There is no doubt that music is linked to peoples’ behavior and that is mostly because music increases creativity.

Music and creativity have a strong bond; they are interconnected naturally. When it comes to creativity, science says that you are what you actually listen to.

And I totally agree with it. Music is a game changer when it comes to your mood, your mindset, and emotions. And all of these are the core features to either boost your creativity or take it down the aisle completely.

You can boost your mood and mindset in an energetic and positive manner by just playing some of the best ever tracks you love. These tracks will bring out the emotions in you and will allow them to flow out perfectly.

If you pick the right music, you will not just be able to boost your mood but it will also bring in concentration, focus, fire up new ideas and make your thoughts flow in the perfect creative harmony.

Like I always write while listening to music, and it just keeps on the creative juices flowing in my mind.

Music increases your creativity

And music is not just about creativity, it helps you fight out loneliness, stress, and pain too.

It is said that people think that they are not alone, once they have placed their headphones on.

To be honest that is quite accurate. Even if it is a criticizing point for the new generation at least music helps you kill loneliness which can become the core reason for many other issues like anxiety.

And let’s just not forget the completely drained and stressed freelancers out there; music can just help them reach that horrible deadline, which is due late at night!

So the question here arises, that if you want to fire up your mindset for creativity, what kind of tunes or music should you listen to?

I know music is something very personal and no one wants to be told that don’t listen to this or that…but some types of music can just kill your creative vibes totally if they are not instrumental, well mostly!

I won’t tell you any more instrumental songs that you need to hear too but I am going to warn you about what type of tunes or music can kill your creativity.

And I will obviously give you the reasonings along.

1. Rock kills focus:

 Even though I am a huge rock and metal fan, trust me when I say, that if you are doing something that demands focus, you need to avoid rock/metal/death metal and all sorts of other metals altogether at all costs.

Rock is the perfect jarring music.

The guitar does not play on the beat but is usually playing around the actual beat.

This creates an effect of either going too slow or too fast suddenly. It makes you feel a little in front or behind.

But they are great for workouts, I must say.

I mean the energy I get when I hear Pantera is just purely awesome!

But as far as creativity and focus come in, a study done in the early ages showed that mice who were placed in a maze to find their food, along with rock music in the background, took thrice more time to fetch their food.

Now I don’t know whether they started headbanging or working out but they got there late then the ones who didn’t have the rock music playing on behind.

So, you see?

Rock music is not good when it comes to focusing on anything. Now I know Metal lovers are gonna hate me for that

2. Classical music won’t help until you love it:

 Classical music is related to the Mozart effect now and then.

It is said to improve the memory and learning of people. A study in the 90’s showed that the music did have effects. But later on, it was proved that it all depended on the person listening to the music.

Did he or she love it?

If a person doesn’t like classical music, it won’t be aiding in quick learning or a great memory.

Blur Group is a good choice if you like classical music as they work a lot on the Mozart effect.

You don’t have to take it as a great helper for creativity, though. I know that Blur Group can bring in rock as well and I just said that avoiding rock is good.

But their Country house is a great choice for classical.

If you love it, only then it might bring in the Mozart effect.

For people who don’t adore classical music, it is better to keep it off the soundtrack list!

3. Modern pop is best to stay away from:

 A lot of scientific studies have shown that modern pop music has lost the actual tone, color, and texture of its ancestors. If it is not wrong to say; it is mostly the same. Every other pop song SOUNDS the same or at least science said so.

I can’t say that modern pop music is sh*t because, to be honest, not all of it is.

If you know who the perfect modern pop music singer is, you might just grab some great soundtracks.

A three-year analysis was done on almost 60,000 people who had astonishing results. People, who listened to modern pop music a lot, were found to be less creative.

Contrarily, people who had a much more sophisticated taste in music were found to be more creative.

Modern pop music these days is less adventurous. The chords moving from one note to another have no adventure in them.

If you are trying to create something new and fresh, then it is preferred that you don’t opt for modern pop music. Even science says so; maybe you need more of perfect food brain music for maintaining high creativity.

Such music is believed to be the one which you are familiar with but it shouldn’t be from rock or classical and you know the ones I am mentioning.

4. Unfamiliar music:

 When we talk about focus and creativity, new experiences are said to boost it at all. They make you more focused and bring out the fresh side of you. But new experiences and music are totally diverse.

Where new experiences make you come back to your work life with a new freshness and positivity; new music just doesn’t do that to you. When it comes to music for your creative mood, new is not good.

A study done in 2007 showed that children drew more creatively when they heard to tunes that they already had listened to than the ones who had unfamiliar tunes playing around them.

This also became a perfect match with the study done in 2011.

New music doesn’t allow you to focus. You try to focus on the new music and lyrics and tunes rather than on the work. New music is very important for research and learning.

But while you are working on something, it can be a huge distraction for you. So it is better to stick with music you are familiar with and maybe whose lyrics you know by heart. Keep the new music or soundtracks for your leisure time.

Know them better, listen to them closely and then pop them in your list of the best songs that you are familiar with or those which you love.


So a lot of people might want to yell at me; what should we listen to then? I had the same stuff going on in my mind when I actually read these researchers all around the web.

I also tried to do this myself and it did help actually. And had to do any of my work or creative stuff without music. Music always nourishes my mind and makes me more creative.

Well, obviously I won’t leave you open-ended here; looking for answers everywhere. It takes the right music to bring in the perfect mood, mindset, and creativity.

It is best to listen to music which you are familiar with and have subtle and warm tunes.

Take music that you love to hear to and can avoid, even if it’s playing in the background. You will get the music, but you won’t have to focus on it over and over. Got my point?

Such music will keep your mind fresh and will pop in new ideas in your brain as well. The nourishment will be done without taking your concentration away from you. it will also boost your dopamine levels which actually ensure the fact that your focus level is perfect.

If you want to take your concentration and creativity to a higher level, it is best to make your very own personal playlist. You can listen to it while you drive and workout so that you are actually used to it perfectly.

Do some experiments and do comment below which type of music you think is the best for creativity.


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