The Blame Game Of Obese People; Who Is To Blame?

I am so fat help

Just writing “I am so fat help” or “Im fat please help me” or “Im fat and lazy” will not lose all that stubborn fat of yours. Now you can get tons of programs online and it’s all there, the diet, the exercises, but the main problem is the mindset and the discipline, which you need to learn. So first you need to stop making these excuses you make all the time.

“Oh, are you expecting? Which month is it?” You stare at your colleague and before she can say anything further, you just pass a fake smile. “I am not expecting babe.”

Your colleague either passes out a fake smile or she apologizes sweetly.

But I am gonna level with you because I want you to consider me your friend and thank me later. Let me tell you; she is not at all sorry!

She probably felt like laughing her a** off at your obesity and that belly fat of yours.

Well, you are the one who is giving them a chance to laugh at this.

Obese people hate it when you actually tell them that they are the ones to blame for their condition.

So, there is a never-ending blame game in obese people’s life. I love blaming my mother whenever she tells me that I have got some weight on (even if it’s just a bit).

I would tell her how amazing she cooks and that is why I can never lose weight.

She obviously laughs at this and you feel good about putting on weight.

The story ends!

But you don’t consider giving your fat tummy a thought.

But who is to suffer for it? Look right there in the mirror! Do you like your “Humpty Dumpty” face? Or are you okay with that tummy which is bulging out like you already have a kid or two?

Here are some common excuses that we usually get to hear from obese people.

They will give you 99 reasons as to why they are unable to lose weight but they won’t try constantly for a month even.

Yeah, I can bet on that as well. Wanna try?

“Blame my Slow Metabolism” or “I am medically weak”:

I would totally agree when a fat person comes up to me and says that I can’t lose weight because I am weak on the inside.

Yes, obviously you are!

Metabolism slows down with age and it has nothing to do with your youthful time.

Doctors have now invented a new “metabolism syndrome” which has obviously backed up all the lazy fat people to believe that they have it.

Trust me, if you eat healthily and stop loafing on your couch all day (stay active), your metabolism works just fine.

Or can I say it works more than just fine; it goes on perfectly.

“I am fat because my parents are!”

OK so now you are going to blame your heredity!

That is so sad and can I just offer you a box of tissue on that issue?

You never get fat because your father or mother is.

They might just be perfect when they indulged in getting you! Yes, now you can go on and run to see their old photos.

Heredity is the biggest and to be honest, the lamest excuse was given by obese people. Wake up, guys! You are obese because you think that nothing can be done about it as you have heredity issues. A minute of silence for all such people!

Eating Healthy is Expensive:

Does this cup of oatmeal looks expensive then I don’t know your FULL FRIED chips or mayonnaise filled sandwiches.

If you want me to do the math here for you I definitely can. Or you can do that for yourself, please?

How much your vegetables cost you? Healthy is not all about meat or beef etc. you just need to get your portions right. And it is also not about eating fruits day and night and having fresh juices.

To be honest, I have fought over this topic a lot. It is expensive if you decide to eat a lot healthy. But if you are looking forward to losing weight only; it isn’t that costly. I mean cmon, you eating like I don’t know a gazillion calories a day when you only need 1500, so how in the hell is eating less expensive?

You can make a schedule of the days you will have fruits and the other days when you will have veggies. Can dividing help right?

Excuses obviously won’t work!

Now to your answer to “I am so fat help”

You are probably going to put your smartphone or close your laptop at this point. Who is going to listen to all, about weight loss?

Well, before you just move your “heavy-self” from your bed and decide to go catch something to eat for like the 10th time a day, take a sneak peek in the mirror. Is this how you want to look? Well, if yes then you are certainly an alien.

Embracing reality is good but not working to make that reality better is a hopeless life.

You just need to ditch the blame game!

Stop telling yourself that you have gained that round face from your father or that bulging tummy is due to your slow metabolism.

That is all of your junk food resting inside you. It is probably waiting for more to join in.

When you are done with the blame game and the lame excuses that are when you will actually progress.

That is exactly when you are going to make a difference. The first thing is to stop telling yourself that and embrace the fact that you are fat and you need to lose!

YOU are your own biggest enemy and nobody else. If nobody from inside is stopping you, then nobody can stop you from the outside. Start saying yes to your life and start losing weight.

Here is something to get you started:4 Killer Steps To Lose All Of Your Excess Fats For Good 


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