3 Simple Secrets To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain In A Day

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain that people suffer from.

In fact, about 80 percent of the people suffer from back pain in their lives at least once.

Lower back pain can occur due to various reasons. Maybe due to lack of rest or your bones got weaker with ageing.

It might be because of a bone fracture or you had lifted some heavy object, resulting in the displacement of your herniated disk.

You might be sitting in your office for hours, driving for a long route or busy in your work without bed rest.

Anyone of the above could be a potential cause of lower back pain.

Many of us usually ignore and think that we will get over this after few hours of rest. Reasons may vary but it could be even worse if you will not take it seriously and do something about it.

So firstly it’s important to know the reason behind your lower back pain.

In severe cases you need to see the doctor immediately.

Here are a few ways I would like to share which will help you a lot in reducing your lower back pain.

1-Stand in correct body posture:

correct postureYour posture is an important point here. A good standing posture is one where you hold your head up straight with your chin in and your shoulders blades back, now you don’t want to look weird.

Just look at this girl. See how is she standing with that straight line? That is the correct way.

Some people are in a habit of putting more stress on one leg, when standing and they tire themselves out quickly.

Your spine has a natural “S” curve and so you have to stand in a way that balances your muscles on both sides of your spine so you don’t stress out one more than the other like in the leg example.

A good posture is very good for your health. Just like you are convinced by many physicians to sit properly in order to avoid back pain, standing correctly also helps with lowering stress on your back. Good body posture is the utmost thing for supporting your back.

A lot of people suffer from lower back pain when their body posture is not upright.

Keep your head and chest elevated while you sit, walk etc. In order to keep your spinal curves aligned, your spine should be a little outward from the top of the back and make a slightly inward curve from the bottom.



stretchCycling is a great way to get rid of back pain however if you have severe back pain and can’t control it then, there are a number of exercises that back pain sufferers can perform in the comfort of their homes to relieve it.

One such exercise is generally known as a hold and relax exercise.

It can be performed following the below mentioned steps.

1. Lay down flat on your back.

2. Put a small pillow or a rolled towel under your back.

3. Press against the pillow/ towel using only your back muscles. No other part of your body should be moving.

4. Hold for three seconds and relax.

5. After relaxing for a couple of seconds, repeat the exercise from step three. Perform at least 15 to 30 repetitions at once.

Another very commonly prescribed exercise to back pain sufferers is the William flexion exercise.

It is a very simple exercise to relieve lower back muscle tension.

To perform William flexion, follow the below mentioned steps

1. Lay down flat on your back.

2. Bring both your knees to your chest and hold the knees in this position by wrapping your arms around your knees.

3. Hold for 15 seconds.

4. Release.
Repeat this at least 3 times.

There also various other exercises as shown but these are a little tough, but you can do them. There is:

Superman Stretch (best exercise for lower back pain)

ex1-2This exercise pretty much explains for itself. Just life on your tummy and try to raise your legs and hands at the same time. Keep your hands and legs together. Do it for 5 seconds and then relax then repeat again. It basically stretches our lower back.

Lower back pains mostly occurs because they are already tensed. One has to make it a habbit to stretch it out good and this exercise is the best for stretching…

Similarly there is one more exercise I always try before by back workout in order to stretch it properly and that is:


Alternative Superman:

ex1-3In this exercise you have to stand on one arm and the other leg like shown. Try to stretch as much as you can. You can also use the fitness balls to help you stand like in the picture.

Anyways do this exercise for 5 seconds and then relax and then repeat again.

It is a great stretching exercise.

These above 2 exercises would help A LOT in reducing your back pain. DO them in the morning because that’s the time our backs are mostly stiff and stretching eases them.

I am into bodybuilding and I once hurted my back really bad while doing “Rows” exercises. These are basically back exercises which also involves lower back.

I lifted too heavy of the weight on my back and I literally felt that my back disc, kind of moved….woo it hurted really bad… I mean wasn’t able to sleep, stand or do anything …but these stretching exercises helped a lot and I used to do them 3 to 4 times a day.

Pain medications helped too. But the stretching exercises were very helpful indeed.

The point is I really recommend it.

3-Use supplements:

vitamins-healthIn addition to low back muscle tension, a variety of other factors can cause low back pain. This might include deficiency of certain nutrients and consequent weakness of bones generally known as osteoporosis. Hence a number of supplements are prescribed to individuals who suffer back pain.


These include the following:

1. Vitamin D. This is prescribed because quite often back pain sufferers lack this nutrient in their bodies. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is about 15 micro-grams but this may vary according to an individual’ s unique needs, sunlight exposure and other factors.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids. Some doctors claim that the taking omega 3 fatty acids can help with back pain by decreasing the inflammation. However, one has to be careful with the intake of these supplements and must consult their health care provider.

3. Supplements including Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are widely used for chronic knee pains. Some doctors claim that they have some effect in helping with back pain but the effect has not been widely noticed.



Health is the greatest blessing one can have. If you are not healthy, your joy for life will start fading out. You won’t be able to work faster, party hard, eat food of your choice, go for long trips, play your favorite sports and so on. One thing is quite evident, the healthier you are, the happier you will be. Play with your life and not with your health.


  1. I must say these are the amazing tips to keep body pain free. Proper diet, daily exercise, and correct body posture are secrets of fit and healthy life. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing blog.


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