Ways Through Which Freelancers Stay Motivated Through Thick & Thin

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Freelance Motivation – Freelancing is a headache for sure and it demands some serious management skills as well. When the beginners who step in the freelancing world look for motivation, they find the successful freelancers an inspiration. But how is it that those freelancers keep their mojo throughout the rough journey? Doesn’t that seem too hard? Well, surely it does!

Let’s be honest and I know that all the freelancers will agree with me here; freedom and freelancers go poles apart from each other. With a limitation of freedom, losing motivation comes too naturally. Moreover, you really don’t have anyone to whisper you secrets or tips about what you should actually be doing. Once you start losing your pace and motivation, wondering off is too easy and comes hugging you.

So what do you do when you lose all the tidbits of your remaining motivation and you cannot find the “big picture” (as I call it) attractive? And then the question that starts to eat your brain hits in; is all of this effort worth it? So, here are some pro-advice and tips and a little of everything to make a perfect guide for regaining motivation in freelancing business.

So all those freelancers who are losing their perspective and want to throw that PC away now; hold on for some time. Take a deep breath and read this (maybe carry a cup of coffee along). I assure you that these efforts are worth it; don’t question yourself. Let’s get started!

Keep an Eye on your Stats:

If you are goal driven then this is really going to boost you. Keeping an eye on your stats like website traffic, backlinks and sales numbers can really motivate you.

The advice here is that don’t check it out every other day. Check it once a month or in two months. The visible differences will keep you motivated. However, the difference will only occur if you work hard for it. Also, check the worth of your website and see how it increases with each passing month. This is a great way to keep you motivated.

Wake Up Early:

This might sound like I am demotivating you. Freelancing has one best thing; wake and works on your own comfortable time. But if you give yourself a feeling that you are doing a traditional job, it will help you and will also give you time for yourself. This is going to bring the limitation of freedom down to a large extent.

Another thing that comes along with waking up early is working out or training. You can simply go for a run or jog or just visit the gym. How does this help? It will keep you fit and second, it will keep your mood swings to a minimum. Moreover, it will give you a new level of energy to work every day.

Learn to Pause:

All freelancers want to do more and more and a lot more. But there is one issue with this. Yes, working more will bring you closer to your ultimate goal faster but this can also tire you. So the best way to keep your motivation high all the time is to take a step back when you think you are losing your perspective.

Be lazy for a day or two and don’t touch your work. Log off from all the sites and turn off notifications. Learn to pause but don’t stop. Think about why you started and then come back with a new energy. However, keep in mind that a very long break will make you fall behind and you wouldn’t want that at all.

Vent your Frustrations out:

Freelancing is frustrating and if you pile it all inside, it will sooner or later irritate you and make you give up. If you have someone with whom you can talk it out then that is great. However, if you are not the talker, write all your frustrations down so they don’t pile up on you. Frustrations are motivation eaters.

Make Freelancer Friends:

Make friends with people who are freelancers. Talking to someone about your problems, who faces them as well is great to stay motivated. You get to know that you aren’t the only one in this. Moreover, you also get some solutions to your issues. Hang out with them, talk business and your motivation gear will stay high.

Accept Loss of Motivation:

If you start thinking that losing motivation means that you are no more into it; then you are wrong. Accept that there are days when you won’t feel too high in motivation and that is okay. You can pause and step aside for a day. But accept it and don’t let it overrule you. Lack of motivation can come to anyone.

Well, there are a lot more ways through which freelancers can stay motivated and I will be doing a part 2 for that really soon! Until then start working on these ones and you will certainly feel a difference!


  1. thanks for your great comment and all points are highly valid and make sense to me.
    In the post I just tried to open the perspective that working with external support is an really important aspect to consider.


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