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Change Luck By Astrology

How To Change Luck By Astrology
So do you really think astrology has any part to do so in changing your luck? These are only limiting beliefs! What if I tell you that Luck is in your control? But before getting into that you should know why horoscopes and astrology is BS. Did you read it? Good! Lets begin on the 2nd part that is how to control your luck! So What Brings Good Luck? I hope you have heard the quotation: If you want it, you will find a way or else you will find an excuse. I am a stronger believer in the fact that you can create your own luck. I have seen a lot of people blaming their fate for whatever goes wrong in their life. I sit there in amazement, wondering how wonderfully these people are escaping the things that they don’t hold the ability to fulfil. So they simply put it on their luck and walk away from it. But then there are people who know that they can make their own luck and they try hard for it. There are some simple keys...

5 Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Aren’t Achieved

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions: First of all, a very Happy New Year to all of my readers! 2016 wasn’t a really good year for the majority of us and I guess that was a little weird. The curse of sadness and the spell of problems were in the air with 2016. But with the beginning of 2017, it is better that we put all of that blueness, darkness and sadness back in the past and allow the New Year to bring in happiness, joy and satisfaction to us. We all have a set of resolutions every year. We set them on the 31st of December, making endless promises to ourselves for bettering us and becoming a better human in the year to come. But how many of them are we able to fulfill? Have you ever wondered about it? Well, maybe we haven’t. We try fulfilling our resolutions for the first week, or maybe a month and then we are unaware of the promises we have made to ourselves. They are erased from the memory forever. Here is a big question; have...

Do Nice Guys Finish Last? 5 Points If you’re Sick of Being Nice

How to stop being the nice guy
How to stop being the nice guy? - We all love being too nice to people, don’t we? But then there comes a point when we are done with being a nice, typical “people pleaser” for everyone. I did the same for a long time until when I had had enough and all I wanted was to say “no” instead of “maybe”. As you grow up and mature with time, you do realize that you cannot live for other people 24/7. It is against the law of human nature. The more you try to be nice to all and be nice to people around you, you will start acting negative and irritated. You will be annoyed with your own self even when there will be no “visible” reason for it all. If you reflect back on your life; you will see that something did make you change your habit of being nice to all. But the problem is that we all nice people so what is wrong with it? The problem is being “too” nice all the time. So nice that...

Guided Morning Meditation – 5 Reasons of Morning Meditation

Guided Morning Meditation
Guided Morning Meditation - A day comprise 24 hours. This is quite a long time to carry out different tasks and work. But if you are in a habit of getting up late in the morning, you are wasting some of your precious time in doing nothing productive. Early morning is a very effective time period when the body and brain are fresh and ready to work with full potential. Keeping into consideration the significance of the early hours of the day, many mental and psychological experts regard it as an ideal period for meditation. Best Time For Meditation: According to many gurus in this field, the development of a habit of morning meditation can bring about drastic changes in our lives. It can alter our entire life experience in a very pleasant manner. Triggered by positivity, meditation is excellent for mental and physical health. However, for effective meditation, we need to be fully committed to the process and patiently practice this act. Meditation calls for slowing down of your thinking process and controlling your thoughts in order to direct them...

6 Ways To Be True To Yourself In Life

Why do we lose confidence
Stay Self-Honest In Life: E.E Cummings said it right: It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. As simple and sweet as it might sound when people tell us to simply be ourselves, it does shake a lot of us from within. It brings out the reassurance from you but at the same time, we feel confused as to what people mean when they say; “just be yourself.” What is the core of being ourselves or how can we be just ourselves? It also sounds weird because how can we be anyone else when we own our mind, body, and soul? Nobody stays the same as life brings the worst and best out of us at one point or another. But it only helps people who want to help themselves. Just like they say that you can only help people who want help or who want to do better in life. Similarly, life cannot unleash your real potential if you are not willing to work for it or make an effort for it. We can be the worst version of...

7 Things That Tell That You Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Do What You Love, Love What You Do
Do What You Love, Love What You Do - The basic principle of a happy life is to do what you love. This world is very beautiful until you decide to avoid it. A person can enjoy his life by doing what he wants to do. Interest is the most important thing for a better life. People prefer to live according to their interests until you are just interested in pleasing the society and follow their parameters. If you will choose what you love then your life is going to be perfect or at least it will be joyous. Luckily these days we can do what wish to and spend our life on our own instructions. Here is a reality check; this world is not going to appreciate you at any cost. Nobody has time to appreciate anyone but they will all stand up to bash you for sure. So the key is to do what you love and what makes you feel happy. Follow your heart and fulfill all of your dreams, achieve all the goals of your life and work...

Expressing Gratitude: 5 Creative Ways To Express Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude
Let me start off by quoting on expressing gratitude: Gratitude turns whatever we have into being enough and satisfactory. For many people showing gratitude means just to say thanks or sorry to someone, but you can’t stop there because gratitude means a lot more than this. You can’t put a full stop after saying thank you or sorry or welcome or whatever you want to say and just go. You actually have you show that you mean it or you are actually gratified in the first place. So for that, you have to do something big or plainly something creative for that person so that he/she can remember your appreciativeness for the rest of their life and can build respect and love for you. Gratitude has always been a pleasant feeling for everyone. Embracing gratitude might not be so difficult if things are going well, but if you show your appreciation to a person who is going through some difficult time, then I assure you that it would be the most powerful gratitude that you have ever shown to anyone. Showing thankfulness or embracing...